A History That Delivers Experience, Savings, and Satisfaction

In addition to abbreviated project list below, Total Plumbing & Heating served the City of Loves Park from 2000 through 2005 by repairing 114 existing water main breaks. We have also installed over 3800 water and sewer services. We service commercial, residential, and public markets.

Project Name Client Location Start End Description
Champion Park Hope Phase 1 Star General Rockford, IL Oct-05 Jul-06 42 Lots & Main Extension - Complete
Champion Park Hope Phase 2 Star General Rockford, IL Jul-06 Nov-06 42 Lots & Main Extension - Complete
Moyer Glenn Gambino Homes Cherry Valley, IL Oct-06 Oct-06 3 Lots & Main Extension - Complete
Champion Park Hope Phase 4 Star General Rockford, IL Nov-06 Jul-07 52 Lots & Main Extension - Complete
Kelly Meadows Petry Development Rockford, IL Jul-07 Oct-07 42 Lots & Main Extension - Complete
Sauk Ridge Condominiums Dave Try Beloit, WI Oct-07 May-08 48 Lots - Complete
Washington Park Plat 3 CCS of Rockford Rockford, IL Apr-08 Apr-08 Concord Ave Main Extension
Gleasman Road  Basins Petry Development Roscoe, IL Mar-08 May-08 Regional storm detention facility
Hawks Pointe Plat 4 Petry Development Roscoe, IL Nov-08 Mar-08 17 Lots - Complete
Denali Heights Plat 1 Petry Development Roscoe, IL Jun-08 Aug-08 71 Lot Subdivision - Complete
Denali Heights Plat 2 Petry Development Roscoe, IL Jul-08 Oct-08 67 Lots - Complete
Hawks Pointe Trail NPPWD Roscoe, IL Aug-08 Aug-08 Existing Main Replacement - Complete
Denali Heights Plat 5 Petry Development Roscoe, IL Aug-08 Jun-09 79 Lots & Main Extension - Complete
Magic Waters Changing Facility Rockford Park Dist. Rockford, IL Dec-08 Feb-09 Public Infrastructure - Complete
Loves Park Water Services City of Loves Park Loves Park, IL May-10 Sep-10 40 wells abandoned & serv. connected
Concord Sewer Extension CCS of Rockford Rockford, IL Sep-10 Oct-10 Sewer main ext. and Concord St. rehab
The Market Place KVG Builders Rockford, IL Dec-11 Mar-12 Sewer Replacement - 90% Complete

We have a good reputation with clients such as Maplecrest Construction, Gambino Homes, Contry Homes, Hallmark Homes, and Petry Development. Municipal projects have also placed us in good standing with agencies and management firms such as Loves Park Public Works Department, North Park Public Water District, and CCS of Rockford.

Vendor Relationships that Deliver...On Time...Every Time

We are in good standing with the region’s largest vendors to ensure efficient and economical material solutions. HD Waterworks, Wm. F. Meyer Co., Water Products Co., Welch Brothers, Rockford Cement, Products, Norwest Paving, and all regional quarries are among our primary suppliers.

We own out-right, 12 pieces of heavy excavation equipment as well as the trucks and trailers necessary to deliver them to your site. Equipment has historically been added through Volvo Rentals and Lee Jensen Sales in order meet demanding schedules and individual project requirements.